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4L Safe Switch & Rate Adjustable Pulverizing Machine

4L Safe Switch & Rate Adjustable Pulverizing Machine
Product ID: RT-N16SFSC

Newest product of 2016!

The machine is suitable for grinding small amount material into 150 to 200 mesh and will be the best choice for university, pharmaceutical factory, agriculture and laboratory.

  • Power:1900w
  • Voltage:110v/Single Phase
    • The voltage can be appointed according to the user’s demand
  • RPM:4000~25000
  • Grinding Trough Size (H*D mm):120*208MM
  • Machine Dimension (L*W*H mm):320*230*450MM
  • Weight:14.08KG
  • Batch Capacity:4L
  • The pictures of the products are used in reference only and the specifications are based on actual product. 
  • The best choice and most popular products which meet the average user demand.
  • Applied for small capacity grinding, separating, mixing, and industries for example:herbal、Chinese herbal medicine、pharmaceutical、agricultural、chemical and laboratories...etc.
  • Motor rate is adjustable from 4000 to 25000 rpm.The fineness of powder can reach 200~250 mesh based on different characteristics.
  • Dried ingredients only.



  • According to different characteristics of material, the fineness data would be changed.
  • Put less than half amount of the staff into mixing trough at once.
  • Do not grind the materials over 30-45 seconds at once and operating repeatedly until reaching the fineness of user's demand.

>>>Machine prohibited range and warranty description

  • Please do not use machines that are manufactured/sold by our company to grind/mix ingredients that are dangerous, explosive, flammable, conductive etc. to prevent user injury. If incident happens, it will not be related to our company.
  • Machines that are manufactured by Rong Tsong provides a one-year-warranty under normal usage. Consumables are not included in the warranty.
  • Under normal usage, machines will be provided free mantainence during warranty period(Does not include transportation/freight charges)
  • If there is any problem with the machine, please contact our company first to inform us regarding the machine malfunction. (Working hours: Monday ~ Friday. 8:00AM~12:00PM ; 1:00PM~5:00PM. Off on the weekends)
  • Whether the machine is within the warranty period or not, charges required for the machine to be sent back to our company for mantainence/repairing will be covered by the user's side.
Contact Detail
Contact:Ms Iris Hsieh. Mr. Lyon Chen
Address:No.46, Dawei Rd., Dali Dist, Taichung City Taiwan

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