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Product Warranty

Machine prohibited range and warranty description

Please do not use machines that are manufactured/sold by our company to grind/mix ingredients that are dangerous, explosive, flammable, conductive etc. to prevent user injury. If incident happens, it will not be related to our company.
Under normal usage, machines will be provided free repairment during warranty period. The warranty on the machines is to repair at our factory in Taiwan. When the machines are in other countries, they have to be sent back in Taiwan at consumers' expense. And the consumers will later be responsible for the cost to ship the repaired machines back to their locaton. Consumable items are not covered by the warranty.
If there is any problem with the machine, please contact our company first to inform us regarding the machine malfunction. (Working hours: Monday ~ Friday. 8:00AM~12:00PM ; 1:00PM~5:00PM. Off on the weekends)

    Contact Detail
    Contact:Ms Iris Hsieh. Mr. Lyon Chen
    Address:No.46, Dawei Rd., Dali Dist, Taichung City Taiwan

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