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Application example 1

Oringial material: Butterfly pea flower

Model:RT-UF26 series


    Application example 2

    Original material: Camphor

    Model: RT-20HS

    The sieve specification:Approximately 12mm

      Application example 3

      Original material: Dried Squid

      Model:  RT-34 Sieve:3mm 


        Application example 4

        Original material: Tongkat Ali 

        Model: RT-C200

        The finess is approximately 1mm


          Application example 5

          Original material: Corn

          Model: RT-34

          The sieve of specification:Approximately 80mesh (0.7mm)

            Application example 6

            Original material: White Fungus

            Model: RT-CR30

            The sieve specification: Approximately 7mm

              Application example 7

              Original material: Dried Chili

              Model: RT-30HS

              The sieve specification:Approximately 100 mesh(0.4mm)

                Application example 8

                Original material: Tree Root

                Model: RT-CR30

                The sieve specification:Approximately 7mm

                  Application example 9

                  Original material: Shallots/Scallion

                  Model: RT-34

                  The sieve specification: 0.3MM

                    Application example 10

                    Original material: Okra/Ladies' Finger

                    Model: RT-34

                    The sieve specification: 0.3MM

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