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Table Type Water Cooling Air Pulse Ultra Fine Powder Pulverizing Machine

Table Type Water Cooling Air Pulse Ultra Fine Powder Pulverizing Machine


Product ID: RT-UF26APW(for powder coating materials)

RT-UF26APW is a continuous type grinder with material input above and material output at the side. It can grind the materials up to 200-250MESH.
Suitable for school, lab, or cosmetic, food, chemical, biotechnology, Chinese herb, medical industries.

The water pipe connectors added to the side of the grinding trough, allowing the grinder to work with a water circulatory device, cooling down grinder's temperature while grinding.

Equipped with air pulse system. Pulse jet time and interval can be adjusted. Air pulse prevents the ground powders stuck in the powder collection trough, increasing the output capacity.

*Note: Water cooling circulation machine, Water cooling vessel, water pipe and air compressor have to be provided by the user.

Suitable for grinding:
Food: soybean, black bean, mung bean, red bean, coffee bean, adlay, multi-grain rice, oat, wheat, turmeric, ginger, tea leaf, sugar, salt
Spices: Lemon grass, lavender, rose
Chemistry: Aluminium oxide, vermiculite
Chinese herb: Antrodia Cinnamonea, pearl, Renshen slice, American Ginseng, Anredera Cordifolia
Dried materials which are not oily, sticky and wet: crab carapace



  • HP:2.6HP
  • Voltage:110V/Single Phase
    • The voltage can be appointed according to the user’s demand.
  • RPM:4000~25000
  • Production:1-5kg/hr(depending on feeding rate and material)
  • Machine Dimension (L*W*Hmm):420*330*460
  • Powder:Above 200Mesh(below 74um)
  • The pictures of the products are used in reference only and the specifications are based on actual product. 
  • Raw materials are impacted with high speed rotating blade. It can produce 200Mesh powder or finer(below 74um) by centrifugal force of cyclone.
  • The RT-UF26 motor is high-efficiency and low noise. Also there is the overload protection switch to prevent motor damage.
  • Patent design device for preventing materials from bouncing.
  • The safety switch of the Grinding Trough increases user’s safety.
  • Design for convenience of motor location setting.
  • Patent design for convenience of motor location setting. quickly.
  • Materials contact parts are made of SUS304 Stainless Steel and blade is made of SUS420 that meets hygiene safety standards.
  • Water cooling jackect is made of SUS304

>>>Machine prohibited range and warranty description

  • Please do not use machines that are manufactured/sold by our company to grind/mix ingredients that are dangerous, explosive, flammable, conductive etc. to prevent user injury. If incident happens, it will not be related to our company.
  • Machines that are manufactured by Rong Tsong provides a one-year-warranty under normal usage. Consumables are not included in the warranty.
  • Under normal usage, machines will be provided free mantainence during warranty period(Does not include transportation/freight charges)
  • If there is any problem with the machine, please contact our company first to inform us regarding the machine malfunction. (Working hours: Monday ~ Friday. 8:00AM~12:00PM ; 1:00PM~5:00PM. Off on the weekends)
  • Whether the machine is within the warranty period or not, charges required for the machine to be sent back to our company for mantainence/repairing will be covered by the user's side.

>>Machine Pictures:

Air pulse function:

Air pulse trough cover design:

Inlet preventor:

Control panel:

Magnetic safety switch function:

Cover lock design(Patented):

Adjustable handle:

Water cooling jacket:

Contact Detail
Contact:Ms Iris Hsieh. Mr. Lyon Chen
Address:No.46, Dawei Rd., Dali Dist, Taichung City Taiwan

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